Improving Access to Care: Using Data to Understand the Relationships Between Hospitals and Hospices

All data used in this article was extracted from HealthPivots DataLab and is based on Medicare Fee-for-Service Claims released annually by CMS. In compliance with a DUA on file with CMS, patient counts less than 11 are not reported. There is wide variability in timely access to hospice care after a hospitalization. Nationally in 2016, 17% of Medicare enrollees who … Continue reading

Third Quarter CMS Data Available

Third Quarter data has been rolled out to a selection of essential tools.  Quarter Trend tools and Skilled Nursing Tools have been updated with the most recent CMS data release.

New Physician Tools Available

Six new physician tools are now available in the Toolkit. These tools include data on patient flow, home care and hospice use, patient metrics including DRG, and information about visit types and claims.

2016 CMS Atlas Data

HealthPivots has received and is processing 2016 Annual CMS data. Atlases and Profiles are now available for pre-order and will be fulfilled as soon as data processing is complete.

New Hospital Readmission Trend Tools

Three Hospital Readmission Trend Tools have been released to the Toolkit. These 30 day readmission trend tools are available for Skilled Nursing, Hospice, and Home Health agencies. The tools display 30-day readmission rates for Medicare fee-for-service enrollees who were discharged to a specific facility following their hospital discharge. Readmission rates are displayed by single year, as well as by three … Continue reading