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  • Comparison of COVID-19 Dispositions to Circulatory and Respiratory Diagnostic Cohorts

    Explores differences in disposition following hospitalization of COVID-19 patients compared to patients from circulatory and respiratory diagnostic groups.

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  • Improving Access to Care: Using Data to Understand the Relationships Between Hospitals and Hospices

    End of life patients often have a pivotal hospital stay. End-of-life patients who are discharged directly to hospice care are much less likely to be readmitted to the hospital. Comparative data on discharge patterns at hospitals can identify opportunities for increased hospice use and reduced hospital readmissions.

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  • Changes in Use Rates and Payments for Services Covered by Medicare

    Changes in the use of and payments for types of services are influenced by innovations in Medicare service delivery and payment policy. Changes can be expected to reinforce trends toward home-based and outpatient services and away from hospital inpatient services.

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  • Medicare Advantage and Hospice

    Medicare Advantage enrollees utilize hospice at significantly higher rates compared to original Medicare fee-for-service enrollees.  The proposed “carve-in” of the hospice benefit as a service to be covered by Medicare Advantage plans would affect a significant portion of a typical hospices’ patient base.

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HealthPivots. (2020). Retrieved from https://healthpivots.com, providing sophisticated analytics examining performance geographically or by provider in all aspects of the post-acute health system.

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