Accountable Care

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Clear, detailed reports analyzing 100% of Medicare FFS claims

  • Estimate a provider's contribution to your ACO

    For both the REACH and MSSP ACO programs, HealthPivots DataLab can estimate how many beneficiaries would be aligned to a provider group including the percent that would meet the High Needs criteria. Historical total cost of care and HCC scores provide a view into the provider’s potential performance in both models.

  • Identify providers caring for unique patient cohorts

    ACOs are increasingly focused on specialty populations such as beneficiaries in rural areas, underserved populations (including RHC/FHQC based care), homebound or facility-bound beneficiaries, and more. HealthPivots DataLab can pinpoint these cohorts and the providers that care for them in minutes, saving you time and effort.

  • Understand alignment by Place of Service

    The cost and complexity of beneficiaries range widely based on their primary place of service. HealthPivots DataLab can segment an alignable population based on beneficiaries who primarily receive care in Office, Home, Nursing Facility, and Assisted Living Facility settings. Understanding the total cost of care, HCC scores, and admission rates of these cohorts helps you design your ACO and care models to optimize performance.

Evaluate the composition of other ACOs

HealthPivots DataLab enables you to explore how other ACOs in the market are comprised and identify which participants are driving the most value and which might be better served joining your specialized ACO.

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