Home Care

Home Care

Maximize the appropriate use of home care in the post-acute sector in your service area. Assess the impact of proposed reimbursement changes. Communicate your value-proposition to referral sources with impactful data.

A clear picture of your market position and opportunities for growth

HealthPivots provides fingertip access to patient flows to home care agencies from referral sources and answers key questions at the county and agency level. Performance benchmarks comparing your agency with your competitors’ and with national standards allow you to confidently define your short-term and long-term goals and affect your position in a rapidly changing marketplace.

Get a clear picture of home care utilization in any counties of interest

HealthPivots clearly summarizes home care utilization in any county or service area and offers insights about the agencies that serve the patient population. Rankings of counties and providers on performance measures provides a framework for evaluating how well a market is served as well as identifying growth opportunities.

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Tactical outreach to key referral sources improves patient access to quality care

HealthPivots reveals patterns in patient care by demonstrating home care utilization following hospital, physician and skilled nursing claims. With these detailed patient flow data in hand, home care agencies can approach referral sources with concrete data on their effective use of home care to better meet the needs of their clients.

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Measure your performance and compare yourself against competitors

Compare your care delivery and cost metrics to other providers as well as against state and national averages with categories for not-for-profit and proprietary agencies.

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Sophisticated analytics to drive decision making

  • Examine patient outcomes

    Compare and rank selected providers on measures of care quality and patient satisfaction.

  • Assess service efficiency and efficacy

    Determine average timing of entry into home care following a hospital stay and track hospital readmissions.

  • Keep up with a changing marketplace

    Understand the drivers underlying the financial impact of PDGM.

  • Analyze differences in patient populations among your competition

    Break down patients served for your agency and competitors by diagnosis group and care type.

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Invaluable to informing agency’s business development strategy

I have found the HealthPivots DataLab to be invaluable to informing our agency’s business development strategy. By understanding current and past trends of patient flow among facilities and competitors, I’m better able to focus our sales efforts, prioritize marketing resources and see the downstream impact of these efforts on market share. The reports are easy to run and the results are easy to export, allowing me to integrate with other agency data and create presentations. I look forward to the continual updates that HealthPivots is making to DataLab and consider it an essential tool to our agency’s growth.

Lisa Clark, BS, MBA, Business Development & Marketing Strategy Manager, Cornerstone VNA

National Home Care Statistics

  • 9.24

    Average total visits per non-LUPA period in 2020

  • 3%

    Increase in CMS payment-per-patient for Massachusetts agencies between 2019 and 2020

  • 54%

    Percentage by which Florida home care use per beneficiary exceeded national average in 2020

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