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How HealthPivots Data Helps Our Clients
  • Kerry Hamilton,
    President/CEO Hospice of Central Ohio

    I've worked in all facets of healthcare during my nearly 30-year career. And I've learned that knowledge is powerful. We utilize the data analytics from HealthPivots almost daily in one form or another. The information we access allows us to understand our business, our competition, and predict trends that could affect our future. Our sales force's level of sophistication has increased ten-fold since we've adopted the HealthPivots tools. We've won multiple major RFP contracts with hospital systems in the past year and I am absolutely certain the deciding factor was the HealthPivots data we used for the RFPs. The insights in the HealthPivots analytics has been instrumental in so many of our decisions. I really just cannot say enough about the value of the information and the practical insights into how to use it. I've used several other MCR claims data programs and none have the sophistication or insights that come from using HealthPivots! Data is only valuable if you can use it.

    Kerry Hamilton, President/CEO Hospice of Central Ohio
  • Robert Thorn, MBA, FACHE,
    Vice President, Business Development and TRU PACE TRU Community Care, Lafayette, Colorado

    We started using HealthPivots last year as part of our strategy to work with hospitals, SNFs and physicians to generate more referrals, and earlier in the decision process. HealthPivots has been a very useful tool in presenting data to decision-makers, showing them, objectively, where opportunities to work more closely exist. By helping these organizations identify where quality outcomes such as 30-day readmission rates may be improved upon, we have successfully transitioned our hospice from one of many “vendors,” to a preferred “strategic partner.” As a result, patients ended up in the most appropriate care setting; our average daily census grew at a rate even greater than what we had targeted; and, with periodic updates to the data provided by HealthPivots, we have ongoing opportunities to continue our “data dialog” with our referrers.

    Robert Thorn, MBA, FACHE, Vice President, Business Development and TRU PACE TRU Community Care, Lafayette, Colorado
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The average number of hospices serving each county went from 2.4 in 2000 to 4.3 in 2015

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