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Save time and money with actionable insights

  • Monitor Trends

    Analyze short-term and long-term changes by focusing on recent quarters of data or examining patterns over the past decade.

  • Understand your market

    Break down key measures by county and service area to visualize your marketplace at different geographic scales.

  • Increase your margins

    Benchmark against your competition, industry leaders and state and national averages from Medicare Cost Reports.

Client success stories

HealthPivots responsive to Cornerstone’s data needs for over 20 years

The team at HealthPivots does an excellent job of transforming the CMS claims data into actionable information for Cornerstone. HealthPivots DataLab allows my leadership team to analyze market trends, drill down into physician-level details, and then develop response strategies to improve Cornerstone’s ability to fulfill our mission in the community. As times and situations change, the HealthPivots team works hard to improve their models and tools to analyze the healthcare landscape. When we’ve needed custom views of data, HealthPivots has developed reports tailored to meet our needs perfectly. I’ve had the pleasure of working with HealthPivots for the past 20 years.  Every time I’ve needed an answer to a question of market data, I’ve turned to the HealthPivots team, and they’ve always come through for me.

Chuck Lee, President/CEO, Cornerstone Hospice & Palliative Care, Inc.
Marji Ream

Hospice of East Texas illustrates strategic points to decision makers at referral sources

HealthPivots’ DataLab is a valuable resource for post-acute healthcare providers. Using DataLab, I know whom to target, and how. The scope of the data is comprehensive, and the tools allow for deep analysis. They contain information that is pertinent and useful for illustrating strategic points to decision-makers at referral sources and with other key stakeholders. The tool is so easy to use that the end-user can ask a question and have the information they need in a polished and presentation-ready form in under two minutes.

Marjorie Ream, RN, MN, President/CEO, The Hospice of East Texas
Kerry Hamilton

Hospice of Central Ohio won major RFPs with multiple hospital systems

I’ve worked in all facets of healthcare during my nearly 30-year career. And I’ve learned that knowledge is powerful. We utilize the data analytics from HealthPivots almost daily in one form or another. The information we access allows us to understand our business, our competition, and predict trends that could affect our future. Our sales force’s level of sophistication has increased ten-fold since we’ve adopted the HealthPivots tools. We’ve won multiple major RFP contracts with hospital systems in the past year and I am absolutely certain the deciding factor was the HealthPivots data we used for the RFPs. The insights in the HealthPivots analytics has been instrumental in so many of our decisions. I really just cannot say enough about the value of the information and the practical insights into how to use it. I’ve used several other MCR claims data programs and none have the sophistication or insights that come from using HealthPivots! Data is only valuable if you can use it.

Kerry Hamilton, Chief Strategy Officer, Ohio’s Hospice
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Uncover national and county level data

A deep understanding of historical and current data enables us to visualize patterns of care for the future

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  • 30 Billion

    Claims and cost report records summarized in HealthPivots DataLab Tools

  • 20 years

    HealthPivots claims database covers a 20-year period

  • 25 years

    Continuous years of experience in developing meaningful analytics from claims data

Custom-built solutions for:

  • Hospice



    Measure access to care in your service area and determine your share of referrals based on the most recent and complete Medicare Part A and Part B claims data.

  • Home Care

    Home Care

    Home Care

    Assess impact of PDGM system on your program and compare your agency with your competition on a range of benchmarks.

  • Physicians

    Accountable Care

    Accountable Care

    Evaluate or grow your REACH or MSSP ACO program and assess beneficiary alignment for different groups.

  • Skilled Nursing

    Skilled Nursing

    Skilled Nursing

    Identify the hospitals and physicians that impact your census and benefit from valued-based purchasing incentives.

  • Hospitals



    Assess your hospital’s value-based performance and optimize partnerships with the best post-acute providers.

HealthPivots DataLab Platform

Maximize growth and share in your service area with this web-based analytics platform based on the most recent and complete Medicare Part A and Part B claims data, combined with a range of other data, including quality measures, value-based purchasing incentives, and cost reports. With HealthPivots’ decades of expertise with CMS data sets, you’ll have the most accurate view of your market available, informing both your tactical and strategic actions.

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  • Whitepapers

    Compelling insights are drawn from complete, multi-year Medicare claims data and available at no charge for public use.

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  • Market Atlases

    Key metrics for providers and counties you select, available at an entry-level cost.

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  • State Profiles

    View Hospice or Home Care data for every county within a State in a printed book with maps, charts and graphs.

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