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Printed book with longitudinal CMS data over a 15-year period

Offered exclusively in partnership with NHPCO, HealthPivots’ State Hospice Profile contains detailed market data for every county in your state based on Medicare claims from 2004 through 2018.

County level hospice market data

Data for each county

The State Hospice Profile provides detailed information about hospice reach and access in each county, the hospitals and hospices that serve these counties, and additional data around the level of care mix and patient population over time.

Ascension State Atlas 2020

State and national data

Every State Hospice Profile includes national and state hospice information to contextualize the local level data.

Louisiana Penetration for 2018

National and state maps

Variation in hospice penetration is illustrated through the inclusion of national and state maps with focus down to the level of individual counties.

Louisiana State Atlas 2020

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The State Hospice Profile is available through the NHPCO marketplace. Profiles are based on the most recent annual CMS claims.

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