State Home Care Profile
Detailed Home Care characteristics for each county in the state.
HealthPivots’ State Home Care Profile contains comprehensive market data for Medicare claims data from 2005-2017.
National and State Pages
Each Atlas contains a National and State page with trends tracking over a decade of data, as well as the most recently available market and performance statistics.
National Maps
Each Atlas contains illustrative National maps for clear visualization of key variables.
  • Longitudinal Data

    For each county, trend graphs and metrics since 2005 are displayed. Analyses include episodes (claims), visits per episode, total county visits, enrollment, % HMO enrollment and patients per 1,000 enrollees. For the leading provider or provider of interest, county specific data is included for market share of patients served, provider patients served, episodes per patients served, episodes, visits per episode and total visits.

  • Snapshot Data

    For each county, multiple metrics for the most recent year’s data is displayed. These include visits by type, primary diagnosis by type and % LUPA episodes. Data for the entire county population as well as African American and Hispanic populations includes patients served per 1,000 enrollees, % patients and % enrollment.

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