DataLab Bug Notes

Release 1.3.1


iOS Devices

Bugnote:  Files downloaded or emailed from DataLab  and then previewed on an iOS device in Chrome or Safari do not display properly or recalculate charts correctly.

Workaround:  For correct display on an iOS device, always open all downloaded/emailed files in Excel or Excel Online


Bugnote:  Charts downloaded as JPEG images on an iOS devices sometimes contain no text.

Workaround:   Try the JPEG download a second time.


Bugnote:  Voice-to -text input does not automatically pull up search results in dropdowns on iOS devices. The text does show up in the dropdown, but, the search results do not appear.

Workaround:   Hit backspace after closing the voice input dialog to bring up the search results.


Windows Devices

Bugnote: While a tool is loading, if you click to another tab and back again before the load is complete, an error occurs.

Workaround: To resolve the error, click out of the tab with the error and back again.


Bugnote:  Entering an invalid value into a searchable dropdown (e.g., a County name in a Provider dropdown) hangs the dropdown arrow.  If the dropdown arrow is selected, nothing will appear in the searchable list.

Workaround:   Select another cell and click back to the dropdown field to see the searchable list again.


Bugnote: In some configurations of Internet Explorer (IE) browser, selecting the new tab button in DataLab opens an overlaping window which cannot be resized or forced into the main browser tab bar.

Workaround: This behavior is controlled by an IE browser configuration setting (see ( Follow the instructions to change the setting controlling new tab behavior. Alternatively, use the more modern Microsoft Edge browser.


All Devices

Bugnote:  In rare cases, vertical scrolling can cause formatting issues in tool display.

Workaround:   Scroll more slowly, or close and reopen the tool.