About Us

Our Story

The Portland, Oregon based company was founded by Jay D. Cushman in 1985, but its origins trace back to 1977, when Mr. Cushman first began to provide data-based consulting to the healthcare field.  In 2009, Jay Cushman collaborated with Jay Mahoney of Summit Business Group to publish the Hospice Market Atlas, which established a new standard for visualization of trends in the need for, and delivery of, hospice services.  Companion Atlases were subsequently developed for Home Care Services and for Hospital & Post-Acute Care. A partnership with NHPCO allowed HealthPivots to offer State Hospice Profiles through the NHPCO Marketplace, which include data on every county within a state.

Initial offering of an interactive business intelligence product began in 2009, with the introduction of the Desktop Toolkit. The Desktop Toolkit was retired and replaced with a state of the art product, DataLab. Released in 2018, HealthPivots’ web-based analytics platform, DataLab, is used by a range of healthcare providers to gain key insights into linkages in the healthcare system.

Today HealthPivots’ clients span the country, serving the healthcare field in all 50 states. We support integrated healthcare systems, hospice and home health agencies, skilled nursing facilities and free standing hospitals as they strive to improve their marketplace performance, enhance partnerships with other agencies and improve outcomes for patients.