Spring 2016 Toolkit News


In response to Toolkit client requests, we created a Ranking worksheet for multiple tools, including provider profiles and county profiles. These tools are available for Hospice, Home Care, Skilled Nursing and Hospitals. Now organizations or geographic areas can be ranked on user selected measures of interest. Through highlighting, an immediate visual rendering displays clear relationships between the organizations or areas of interest.

Earlier this year, we developed the Hospice Benchmarking Tool. The tool contains four worksheets in addition to a user guide. Using this tool, a user can compare and contrast hospices or groups of hospices on specific performance benchmarks. These benchmarks include national and state averages, as well as averages for non-profit hospices and proprietary hospices. Data for selected hospices/groups can be easily compared in multiple ways. The user can select up to 25 individual hospices or States to compare benchmarks. These selections feed into all worksheets providing multiple options for comparison. The Compare Hospices worksheet includes a broad variety of benchmarks, from Median Length of Stay, to Payer Mix data to Diagnosis Mix for a single data year. The Benchmark Trend worksheet displays a single measure of interest as a trend over time. Trend data from 2010-2015 is displayed as both a chart and a color-coded line graph. Similarly, the Benchmark Ranking worksheet displays a single measure of interest at a time, and all Hospices/States are ranked on this user-selected measure of interest.