Health Systems

Health Systems

Identify opportunities for improved patient flow within your network. Find high-performing partners for collaboration and risk-sharing.

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HealthPivots assists both vertically integrated and horizontally integrated health systems with their daily operational and strategic goals. HealthPivots clients improve intra-system alignment, optimize efficiency and reduce costs, maximize profit opportunities, set realistic benchmarks, increase market share, and understand the competitive landscape.

Increase efficiency, boost revenue and improve patient experience

  • Analyze patient flow within the hospital and post-acute system

    By examining entry points to different types of care and trends in length of hospital stay, post-acute disposition patterns, and readmissions, hospitals can benchmark their discharge planning strategy against other hospitals, state and national averages, and make improvements.

  • Ensure access and availability of appropriate post-acute services

    Evaluate the effectiveness of individual post-acute providers in reducing hospital readmissions. Measure the outcomes of alternative post-acute pathways by Bundled Payment Group. Key metrics include hospital readmission rates by provider with a subcategory for end-of-life patients.

  • Prioritize development opportunities

    HealthPivots’ analytics can help you determine the best partners for collaboration or select acquisition targets in new or existing markets. Identify under-served markets by geography and/or by service type.

  • Rank post-acute providers on hospital readmissions and hospitals on their Value-based Purchasing (VBP)

    Providers with the lowest readmission rates will have the advantage when seeking to join care-coordination networks. Target hospitals that need to reduce VBP readmissions penalties, partner with the right post-acute providers to help you maintain your excellent VBP position.

  • Optimize Medicare Advantage referrals

    Market share trends by county for individual Medicare Advantage plans enable you to proactively target the most important plans for network building and contracting.

  • Identify opportunities for strategic growth

    Rank counties and states and providers on important utilization benchmarks. Areas of unmet need or over-utilization will inform strategic growth planning.

Custom reports available

HealthPivots works with Health Systems clients to provide as-needed custom benchmarking reports

  • Horizontal health systems

    Benchmark the providers in your system against each other and against national averages on multiple metrics and standards.

  • Vertical health systems

    Assess the linkages within your health system to identify under-utilization and optimize access to care and patient retention.

health systems

Powerful information to advance our mission

Ohio’s Hospice has been a long-time user of HealthPivots’ products and the powerful information it provides to advance our mission. Specifically, we share DataLab reports and graphs with our local health systems and referral sources to demonstrate the effectiveness of our care and services. In addition to sharing with our referral sources, we use DataLab reports and graphs to inform our leadership team about our local market and competitors.

Kent Anderson, President/CEO, Ohio’s Hospice

Statistics for health systems

  • 100

    Number of Home Health Agencies in Florida with a 5-Star Rating in 2019

  • 13%

    Percent of Medicare enrollees who died within 6 months of hospital discharge in 2019

  • $3,096

    Average Medicare payment per patient day for fee-for-service enrollees discharged in 2020

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