2016 CMS Atlas Data

HealthPivots has received and is processing 2016 Annual CMS data. Atlases and Profiles are now available for pre-order and will be fulfilled as soon as data processing is complete.

New Hospital Readmission Trend Tools

Three Hospital Readmission Trend Tools have been released to the Toolkit. These 30 day readmission trend tools are available for Skilled Nursing, Hospice, and Home Health agencies. The tools display 30-day readmission rates for Medicare fee-for-service enrollees who were discharged to a specific facility following their hospital discharge. Readmission rates are displayed by single year, as well as by three … Continue reading

Medicare Advantage and Hospice

The State Hospice Profile™, available from NHPCO, summarizes the use of hospice services by Medicare beneficiaries since 2000.  This chart of the Hospice Penetration Rate, from the National Profile page, shows that enrollees in Medicare HMO plans use hospice at a much higher rate than average. In 2015, the Penetration Rate for Medicare HMO enrollees was 82% compared to 68% … Continue reading

2016 CMS Toolkit Data

  All Atlas products and Toolkit tools have been updated with 2015 data, the most up-to-date annual CMS data release. HealthPivots has also received and processed all four quarters of quarterly 2016 data for our Toolkit. All Medicare claims tools have been updated with 2016 data.

Spring 2016 Toolkit News

  In response to Toolkit client requests, we created a Ranking worksheet for multiple tools, including provider profiles and county profiles. These tools are available for Hospice, Home Care, Skilled Nursing and Hospitals. Now organizations or geographic areas can be ranked on user selected measures of interest. Through highlighting, an immediate visual rendering displays clear relationships between the organizations or … Continue reading

Introducing HealthPivots

Health Planning & Development, LLC, originally founded in 1985, will now be known as HealthPivots. This name represents what we do best — focus on key pivot points in health and organizational trajectories. Over the last two years, our staff has expanded and our team now includes full time technological expertise in addition to maintaining our talent in the data … Continue reading