State Hospice Profile
Market data available through a partnership with the NHPCO.
HealthPivots’ State Hospice Profile contains comprehensive Medicare claims data from 2003-2017 for every county within a State.
National and State Pages
Each Atlas contains a National and State page with trends tracking over a decade-and-a-half of data, as well as the most recently available market and performance statistics.
Penetration Maps
Each Atlas contains National and State penetration maps for clear visualization of the reach of hospice care down to the county level.
  • Longitudinal Data for Counties

    For each county, trend graphs and metrics for the past 15 years are displayed. Analyses include penetration rate, deaths and hospice patients, enrollment, death rate, number of patients, information about leading provider in county, county market share trend, median and average length of stay and % days by level of care.

  • Snapshot Data for Counties

    For each county, multiple metrics for the most recent year’s data is displayed. These include hospice penetration, hospitals serving county, major hospice providers, distribution of hospice census, level of care mix and county market share for leading providers.

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