Hospital & Post-Acute Atlas
Comprehensive multi-year market and flow analysis reports.
Our comprehensive, multi-year market report contains a Hospital Profile and Post-Acute Patient Flow Analysis using the most recent publicly available Medicare claims and cost report data.
Custom Provider Pages
Purchase pages for each hospital of interest.
National Maps
National maps present key metrics down to the county level, including average length of hospital stay, hospital admissions per 1,000, percent died with hospice and percent readmitted within 30 days.
Quality Data for Hospitals
For each requested hospital, quality metrics detailing deaths, complications and readmissions are flagged as being better than, worse than or no different than national averages.
  • Value Based Purchasing Data

    For each requested hospital, annual data since 2013 is provided for readmissions penalty, value based purchasing adjustment, hospital acquired conditions penalty and total penalty/reward.

  • Longitudinal Data for Hospitals

    For each requested hospital, trend graphs and specific metrics since 2000 are displayed, including discharges by payor class, ALOS, % Medicare HMO days, average daily census, average beds, net revenue, expenses, net income, net income as % of revenue and % occupancy. Data since 2009 includes fee-for-service patients served, average length of stay, fee-for-service patient days and inpatient mortality rate.

  • Snapshot County Data for Hospitals

    For each requested hospital, multiple metrics for the most recent year is displayed. These include market share by county, fee-for-service patients served by county, and rank by county.

  • Connection from Hospital to Post-Acute System

    Patient flow data is provided, differentiated by the type of post-acute facility to which patients were discharged. Patient population metrics are provided for two categories of patients: 1) all initial hospitalizations for the most recent data year, and 2) patients who died within 6 months of initial hospitalization. Variables include % share of initial discharge, average length of stay, % readmitted in ≤ 30 days, and % readmitted in ≤ 6 months. For patients who died within 6 months of initial hospitalization, data is included on % died in hospice, % died in hospital and % died in skilled nursing facilities.

  • Post-Acute Disposition Provider Tables

    Data tables show which service providers patients used following initial discharge from hospital in the most recent data year. Provider types include home care agencies, hospice providers, skilled nursing facilities, long term care hospitals and rehabilitation hospitals. Data includes % of discharges, % readmitted in ≤ 30 days, and of those who died within 6 months, % that died in hospice.

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