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Data to understand the changing post-acute marketplace.

HealthPivots gives you an understanding of the post-acute ecosystem, providing at-your-fingertips data on patient flow between providers, leading facilities, answering key questions at the county and facility level. Performance benchmarks comparing you and your competitors allow you to confidently define your short term and long term goals.

How HealthPivots Data Helps Our Clients
  • Llyn Kawasaki,
    Consultant, Strategic Transformation and Planning Providence Senior and Community Services

    HealthPivots reports are critical in my work to improve our hospital leadership’s understanding that tight alignment with our post-acute care services reduces LOS, 30-day readmissions, improves patient care, achieves the Triple Aim and Providence’s mission, vision and core values.

    Specifically, Providence Senior and Community Services won approval for a $17 m renovation of an older skilled nursing facility in Spokane in large part due to our ability to measure the value of post-acute care alignment. Using various HealthPivots SNF tools, I showed that by increasing admissions to our SNF, two Providence hospitals have to opportunity to reduce readmissions by 10% or 46%, reduce their acute care LOS at one hospital by 1.4 days and increase their through put for a potential cost savings of almost $900K. Construction started last summer and the SNF recently opened a new wing with completely renovated rooms, new nursing stations and an increased capability to serve the bariatric population.

    Llyn Kawasaki, Consultant, Strategic Transformation and Planning Providence Senior and Community Services
HealthPivots Provides The Insights You Need To Excel
View trends for your agency’s facility utilization and compare yourself to your main competitors
Our displays help you visualize your agency’s performance on metrics such as market share, length of stay and fully paid Medicare days. You can also see how you rank as an agency against all other providers in the state on important benchmarks, making it easy to see both who the competition is in your service area and which agencies are high performers.
Understand hospital referral patterns
View trends in percentage of direct referrals to different SNFs from hospitals of interest, and examine SNFs overall reliance on these referrals.
Approach hospital partners with a data driven understanding of how you can meet their needs
By knowing the readmission rates for clients who were discharged to skilled nursing within 1 day of their hospital discharge, your SNF can either set goals for improvement, or make the case that you are a standout performer.
Market Atlases

Order business intelligence reports by county or provider for your market. State Hospice Profiles available exclusively through NHPCO.

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