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HealthPivots brings decades of experience working with hospices. Our keen understanding of the unique challenges and trends in this field allows us to anticipate the questions your agency is trying to answer whether about referral sources, cost of services, competitive dynamics or partnering with other providers. We provide all this data in clear charts and graphs to answer your most pressing market and performance questions, in a straightforward manner.

  • Judy Seibenick, RN, MOL, CHPCA,
    Executive Director Hospice of Northwest Ohio

    I have found the data from the Hospital Performance and Post-Acute Flow profiles to be very valuable and relevant with providers. When I have shared data with hospital CEO’s, they are eager and open as they analyzed their own data. Often, the CEO has shared additional information and insights with me explaining their business and why the data varied from year to year. This has helped me understand their business even more and given me additional insights as to how I can best position our organization as a key strategic partner.

    Judy Seibenick, RN, MOL, CHPCA, Executive Director Hospice of Northwest Ohio
  • Liz Fowler,
    President and CEO Hospice of the Bluegrass

    Not only do we use the HealthPivots data annually and quarterly to help us plan, but we also use it on a regular basis as we talk to our healthcare partners. Before any meeting with a health system or hospital, I dig around in DataLab so that I have information and know what to talk about when I get there - how we can help them, what goals we should be working towards, etc. It makes me look like a rock star and helps to drive the conversation to goals that are good for us and for them.

    Liz Fowler, President and CEO Hospice of the Bluegrass
HealthPivots Provides The Insights You Need To Excel
See county market trends
Visual display shows shifts in market share for different agencies over time within county of interest. At-a-glance see how you compare against your closest competitors.
Understand referral patterns for major referral sources
Know which other agencies specific hospitals are referring to, what group of hospitals is referring to specific hospices, and how referral patterns have shifted over time.
Calculate unmet hospital unit needs
Estimate the potential for an inpatient hospice unit within a hospital of interest. Approach conversations with potential hospital partners armed with facts and figures to back up your claims of potential hospice unit bed demand and share information about the predicted reduction in inpatient hospital deaths.
  • More Benefits
    Work strategically with partner providers

    Improve care quality and reduce system costs by sharing data with referral sources to ensure entry to hospice occurs at the correct time.

    Educate your board and leadership team

    Our Hospice Market Atlas product, with accompanying slide deck, is a go-to publication for hospices preparing strategic planning meetings or business presentations.

    Establish credibility with key decision makers

    Demonstrate knowledge of pain points and opportunities in partner organizations and gain the opportunity for an ongoing data dialogue.

    Align agency strategy with service area needs

    Increase average daily census, optimize length of stay and reduce hospital readmissions with improved patient flow.

Market Atlases

Order business intelligence reports by county or provider for your market. State Hospice Profiles available exclusively through NHPCO.

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