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HealthPivots gives you an understanding of the post-acute ecosystem (including PDGM), providing at-your-fingertips data on patient flow between providers, leading agencies, answering key questions at the county and agency level. Performance benchmarks comparing you and your competitors allow you to confidently define your short term and long term goals.

How HealthPivots Data Helps Our Clients
  • Kent Anderson,
    President | CEO Ohio’s Hospice of Dayton

    Ohio’s Hospice of Dayton has been a long-time user of HealthPivots' products and the powerful information it provides to advance our mission. Specifically, we share DataLab reports and graphs with our local health systems and referral sources to demonstrate the effectiveness of our care and services. In addition to sharing with our referral sources, we use DataLab reports and graphs to inform our leadership team about our local market and competitors.

    Kent Anderson, President | CEO Ohio’s Hospice of Dayton
HealthPivots Provides The Insights You Need To Excel
Get a clear picture of home care utilization in counties of interest
HealthPivots’ clearly summarizes home care utilization in any county of interest and providers’ role in serving that patient population. Ranking of counties on variables of interest completes the picture so that agencies can begin to understand both their role in terms of reach and claims, and that of their competition.
Target hospitals for improving referral process
HealthPivots breaks down both the days from hospital discharge to home care admission, and the relationship between inpatient discharge status coding and whether a patient ends up in home care. With this information in hand, home care agencies and hospitals can work together to maximize patients’ success in home care and reduce hospital readmissions.
Understand relationship between Home Care Agencies and Skilled Nursing Facilities
By understanding your share of SNF discharges to Home Care agencies, your reliance on specific facilities, and changes in these relationships over time, HealthPivots can assist you in prioritizing which relationships to reinforce.
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Order business intelligence reports by county or provider for your market. State Hospice Profiles available exclusively through NHPCO.

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