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HealthPivots enables health systems to improve intra-system alignment, identifies areas to optimize efficiency and reduce costs, maximize profit opportunities, set realistic benchmarks, increase market share, and understand the competitive landscape. HealthPivots gives you an understanding of your health ecosystem, providing at-your-fingertips data on patient flow between providers, leading providers, patient outcomes, answering key questions at agency, geographic and market-segment levels.

  • Sarah Cameron, MPH,
    Director, Strategic Transformation and Planning Providence Senior and Community Services

    Jay and his team at HealthPivots have been instrumental in helping us understand and describe the opportunity for improved service alignment across a large and complex health care enterprise. HealthPivots DataLab allows us to see where and how patients slip through the cracks and gives us actionable data to better serve the patients in our communities. Our strategy and business development team regularly access DataLab to support business planning and strategic decision-making, and help educate our acute care partners on the impact of high quality post-acute care services.

    Sarah Cameron, MPH, Director, Strategic Transformation and Planning Providence Senior and Community Services
HealthPivots Provides The Insights You Need To Excel
Calculate savings from increased referrals to hospice
Define realistic goals for timely referral to hospice care, garner system cost savings and improve patient care by reducing deaths in the hospital setting.
Analyze patient flow from hospital to post-acute system
By examining trends in length of hospital stay, and post-acute disposition patterns, health systems can benchmark their discharge planning strategy against similar hospitals as well as state and national averages.
Ensure access and availability of appropriate services for patients near the end of life
Assess the responsiveness of the healthcare system (both acute and post-acute) in meeting the needs of patients near the end of life. Key metrics are readmission rates for patients discharged with fewer than 6 months to live and place of death. Examine the effectiveness of individual post-acute providers in reducing hospital readmissions and referring patients to hospice care.
Other ways Health Systems use our insights to beat market challenges.
  • More Benefits
    Optimize patient retention within the system

    Systems can determine if patient disposition profiles depart from norms and if system retention goals are met. The following transitions can be examined at the provider level: Hospital to Home Care; Hospital to Hospice; Hospital to Skilled Nursing; Skilled Nursing to Home Care; Skilled Nursing to Hospice; Hospital Attending Physician to Hospice.

    Use data to describe concrete benefits to potential hospital partners

    DataLab permits the ranking of post-acute providers based on hospital readmissions. Post-acute providers with the lowest readmission rates will have advantages when seeking to join care-coordination networks, as hospitals with high readmissions penalties under Medicare’s Value Based Purchasing program are financially incentivized to reduce readmissions.

    Optimize Medicare Advantage referrals

    DataLab shows the growth of the Medicare Advantage program and the trends in the major Medicare Advantage plans at the county level. Users can identify the most important plans for network building and contracting.

    Identify opportunities for strategic growth

    DataLab ranks counties and states based upon important utilization benchmarks. Areas of unmet need or areas of overutilization may be identified, informing strategic growth planning.

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Order business intelligence reports by county or provider for your market. State Hospice Profiles available exclusively through NHPCO.

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