HealthPivots Team
It's our passion to find ways to answer questions through data.

Jay Cushman
MBA, MS in Physics
President & Founder

JayA consultant in the healthcare field for the past 40 years, Jay has deep expertise in the post-acute sector. Since 1985, Jay has provided management consulting and health planning services as well as expert testimony on the planning and regulation of health services. Jay was an early adopter of planning and analytics, developing custom software to exploit extensive health databases. Jay’s unique way of visualizing data is focused on following the care trajectories of patients within a complex healthcare network. He uses this skill to build data tools that identify the pivot-points where care management decisions can optimize leverage over costs and outcomes.

Jay is passionate about enabling health care organizations to make data-driven decisions by making complex data accessible and understandable. Jay founded HealthPivots in order to put interactive and actionable data tools in the hands of decision makers within the healthcare sector.

Lougie Anderson
PhD in Computer Science


As CTO, Lougie oversees the overall technology direction of HealthPivots. A thirty-six year veteran of the computer industry, HealthPivots benefits from Lougie’s extensive background in architecting and implementing complex, highly secure, distributed enterprise systems and from her history of original research in the Internet, Object Technology, Database Design and Agile Management. Lougie holds Ph.D. and Master’s degrees in Computer Science from University of Washington as well as dual bachelor’s degrees in Physics and Mathematics. Lougie has more than twenty professional publication credits and has held numerous positions on various industry committees and panels. Lougie seeks to ensure that HealthPivots DataLab is nimble, secure and accessible for all clients. She appreciates HealthPivots commitment to rigor and innovation.

Adrienne Tozier de la Poterie
MPH in Biostatistics and Epidemiology
Director of Data Analytics and Development


Adrienne joined HealthPivots in 2008. She develops interactive tools to provide meaningful information to clients in a user-friendly way. Adrienne tackles complex databases to develop the reports our clients need to make data driven decisions. When clients face challenging questions, Adrienne enjoys matching problem solving logic to our many data sets to identify and calculate the statistics needed to craft answers.

Greg Woolsey
BS in Mathematics
Director of Engineering


With over twenty years of experience in the information technology sector, Greg has extensive experience as a software engineer and database administrator. Accustomed to developing creative technical solutions, Greg’s role at HealthPivots draws on his experience with both back end and customer facing engineering. Greg enjoys tackling the challenge of managing multiple terabytes of data in HealthPivots’ huge datasets, and derives great satisfaction from putting a smoothly working product with a clean interface in the hands of our clients.

Rachael Esterkin
SM in Public Health,
Director, Marketing & Client Services


As Director of Marketing & Client Services, Rachael’s primary responsibility is overseeing the development of HealthPivots’ Atlas publications and additional written material. Rachael holds an S.M. in Public Health from the Harvard School of Public Health as well as dual Bachelor’s degrees in Psychology and Media Studies from Pitzer College. For the past 8 years, Rachael has focused on program development, monitoring and evaluation for a variety of non-profit and government run health care programs. Rachael is driven by a desire to support organizations’ ability to improve health outcomes at an agency level, and to close gaps in care within geographic service areas.

Taylor Byrd
BS in Sociology


After receiving his B.S. in Sociology from Portland State University, Taylor joined HealthPivots in 2016 to enhance the rigor of the production process by providing quality assurance for our Atlas publications and DataLab. Taylor’s academic background specialized in demographics and statistical quantitative research analysis. With this background, Taylor is well suited to ensuring the accuracy of our population level data. Taylor also offers extensive support with geographic information systems and mapping for projects focusing on local, state and national data.